Musene markerer Verdens dag for flyktninger

«Refugee-week» på Victoria and Albert Museum

Flere museer verden over markerer Verdens dag for flyktninger den. 20. juni. Victoria and Albert Museum i London tilbyr under «Refugee week» i England en rekke arrangementer som forteller flyktningers historier. Museet arrangerer også museumsfaglige foredrag og debatter som går inn på museenes ansvar i forhold til dagens flyktningsituasjon. Klikk på linken nedenfor får å se Victoria and Alberts program, eller for å lese mer om «Refugee week» og Verdens dag for flyktninger.





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Refugee Week is the UK’s largest festival celebrating the contribution of refugees and promoting understanding of why people seek sanctuary

Verdens dag for flyktninger

I 2015 var det 65,3 flyktninger og internt fordrevne i verden. Dette tallet er det høyeste siden andre verdenskrig, og en økning på over 5,8 millioner fra 2014. Antallet mennesker som har krysset en landegrense er på 24,5 millioner, mens antall flyktninger i eget land, såkalt internt fordrevne er nå 40,8 millioner.

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Council for Museum Anthropology Inaugural Conference: “Museum Anthropology Futures”

This conference invites museum anthropologists (academics, students, and museum professionals), artists, art historians, as well as other curators and community thinkers and actors for 2.5 days of stimulating sessions, sustained knowledge exchange, and museum visits. “Museum Anthropology Futures” seeks to spark critical reflection and discussions on (1) the state of museum anthropology as an academic discipline; (2) innovative methods around the use of collections; (3) exhibition experiments that engage with anthropological research; and (4) the use of museums to effectively take on pressing social concerns such as immigration, inequality, racism, colonial legacies, heritage preservation, and cultural identities, representation, and creativity as productive responses to these.

This will not be your traditional conference experience! “Museum Anthropology Futures” is designed to facilitate focused, frank, vivid conversations (roundtables, workshops, pecha kucha sessions, pop-up exhibits) and engage a broad public through keynotes and the dissemination of textual and audio-visual reportage in a range of media (press, podcasts, twitter, websites) during the post-conference period.


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Call for Session Proposals: «Museum Anthropology Futures» Conference (due March 1)

Council for Museum Anthropology Inaugural Conference May 25-27, 2017 at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada The Council for Museum Anthropology is seeking submissions for its inaugural conference taking place in Montreal from May 25-27, 2017. This will not be your traditional conference experience!

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Workshop: Migration – Cities (Im)migration and Arrival Cities*

«How are cities and citizens adjusting to this increasing diversity? What cultural, political and economic processes and transformations arise from these dynamics and what is their impact on the identities of the different groups affected? By representing these processes and transformations through their activities and functions, museums are engaging with contemporary urban life, seeking direct contact with different communities in the city, looking for everyday ways of adapting, transforming and making cities work better and become more resilient. These urban dynamics require thoughtful engagement to allow museums to act as mediators of dialogues and places for a renewed kind of world citizenship. The International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities (CAMOC) in partnership with the Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM) and the International Committee for Regional Museums (ICR) set out to explore the roles museums can have in collecting, presenting and collaborating in these processes through their joint project Migration:Cities. (Im)migration and Arrival Cities.»

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Ytring: «Politics Are on Exhibit»


Foreign Policy har publisert et innlegg av sosiologen Tiffany Jenkins om museers formidling av immigrasjon. Jenkins skriver innledningsvis at  «Museums around the world are now trying to teach the virtues of immigration. But their simplistic stories do citizens a disservice.»


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Besøk Tiffany Jenkin’s nettside


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