International Conference

“You shall be heard!?” – A conference about how (not) to share personal narratives 

The Vest-Agder Museum in Kristiansand, Norway is pleased to announce a conference about the possibilities and challenges entailed in the sharing of personal narratives. The main question we want to explore is how museums can contribute to a society where multiple voices are heard, multiple perspectives are revealed and more people are – and feel – included and recognized.

International speakers will reflect on political changes in Europe and the consequences for museums and other cultural actors who want to present a multitude of voices, also the one who might not be wished by the authorities.

Psychologists will shed light on how shame and openness are related to identity development, and we shall hear more about the consequences sharing one´s secret with the public might have for the persons involved and the local society.

Last but not least, we will address questions important for all museums and cultural actors who want to work with local societies and difficult issues – what is the status of knowledge right now, what works and how can we get even better?

Thanks to the Art Council Norway for financial support.

Please find more information in the attached interactive program or visit

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