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Disgust vs. Delight: Why Do Certain Foods Turn You Off?

“I want people to question what they find disgusting,” said the lead curator and chief financier of the Disgusting Food Museum, a touring pop-up exhibition in Malmo, Sweden. MALMO, Sweden – The idea that anything labeled “food” can be described as “disgusting” is a minefield, running up against cultural tastes and personal preferences, not to mention the shrinking ability of some countries to feed all their people.


In censoring a ‘Queer Museum,’ Brazil edges closer to authoritarianism

An art show has become Brazil’s latest political battleground. For those who didn’t get to see the 270 LGBTQ-themed works that comprise ” Queer Museum,” good luck: You may never see them. The exhibition, until recently on display at the Santander Cultural Center in Porto Alegre, was abruptly closed on September 10, fully one month early.


Can Museums Be Neutral?

A few months ago, Mike Murawski, in partnership with LaTanya Autry of the Mississippi Museum of Art and The Empathetic Museum, created t-shirts to support a “Museums are not Neutral” campaign. Murawski wrote, “Museums have the potential to be relevant, socially-engaged spaces in our communities.



A Museum Of Confederate Statues — And How It Could Help End The American Civil War

Across America, bronze rebels are falling. Confederate monuments have come down in New Orleans, Louisiana, Baltimore, Maryland, Durham, North Carolina, Austin, Texas and even Hollywood, California. And over the coming weeks, this list will almost certainly grow.

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